Springfield Carpet Restretch and Repair can handle all your carpet stretch, carpet restretch, and carpet repair needs. From a small bubble in the closet to the whole bedroom to the whole house. Don't forget we can re-section carpet also. From a mishap of a cigarette burn to a large section where the dog was trying to dig his way to China, through your carpet, we can help.

Another very common time we get called, is after a flood. After the water is gone and the carpet is dry, we can come in replace the pad and stretch the carpet back into place.

Springfield Carpet Restretch and Repair is owned by Corey Harrison. For the last fifteen years Corey has owned Champion Carpet Care, a carpet cleaning, stretching, restretch and repair business in Springfield. In november of 2014 Corey sold his carpet cleaning business to be able to focus on the carpet stretch, restretch and repair side.

While Springfield Carpet Restretch and Repair does not do carpet cleaning, we do maintain close ties with some very good carpet cleaning companies in the area. Having these good relationships with these companies allows for a seamless process to getting all your carpet needs covered.

If you have any questions about what we do, carpet stretching, carpet restretching, carpet repair, or to get a FREE written quote, please don't hesitate to call.

(417) 576-5640